Metaphor Dice: Video Review

Every Writer and Teacher Should Have These!

I’m will be publishing an interview with Taylor Mali in April. Until then, he sent me a set of Metaphor Dice, so I decided to do a video a review.

Sorry, I’m no hand model. Or am I?…. Also, hear a rooster in the background.

As you can see, the dice are amazing. I have to admit that I did stumble at one point, because I couldn’t make it work on the spot. But that’s on me. I was worried about the “rules.” The great thing about the dice, however, is that there are no rules. I was going red, white, and blue, but there’s nothing that says I couldn’t mix it up. And that’s what’s so powerful about the dice. They’re a prompt. A tool. But they’re not everything. I’m the writer with all the power, so I can do what I want.

Every teacher should have these dice. Every writer should as well. No more writer’s block. If you remember John Cleese talking about creativity, at one point he mentions play and just putting random concepts together without the fear of being wrong. These dice help do that.

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