School Box: A Poem

Teachers reduced
to speakers on SOL juice.
Parents unaware of
spoon-fed, toxic,
pretty lie boxes.
Omission is still a lie, but
kids are out of their hair,
so how much do they care?

Use number two.
Shit outta luck
on these SOLs. Teach to
the test so you
can be the best, but the
best isn’t really seen
from a test.
SOLs at the end
no end in sight. College
isn’t right. So what do
kids do?

Shoot up
white schools. Minorities
stuck in pipelines
searching for perspective.
Prison bars on the balcony because
Joshua Thompson jumped
three years ago.

Thompson was a teacher,
jumping to save
a student who
had jumped.
They fall as
it is, anyway.

by Isaac Sweeney

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