Working Man’s Mantra: A Poem

Can’t really see me in the dark, so use your ears instead. I’m reading “Working Man’s Mantra.”

Working Man’s Mantra

Found this awesome photo on The photographer is Vijay Putra, I think.

I’m not allowed to
say things might be better
without me, because then
I would be suicidal,
right? And suicide is wrong.

So many at not-to-be’s edge,
wondering if we
should be enjoying ourselves.
Life’s grind whittles away and
hard as we
try, we just can’t
get by.
We are those who don’t vacation or
watch TV —
all work and sleep and
sometimes eat. We
hug our children, kiss
our spouses on the lips
too quic-

In a flash,
like lightning, I
realize there may be no
“we;” just

As charges rip through
evening sky, I want a
bolt to electrify.

Something’s gotta happen…

Photo by Alexander Dummer on

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