The Thread and The Chip: A Poem Steve Johnson.

I put a poem up here last week and it received a positive response, even though it was sort of a depressing poem. So, here’s another. I did an audio recording and it’s also written. There’s one slip on the audio, but here it is anyway.

(Is that what I sound like?)

Silvery shimmer,
taut and strong.
This is
the thread by which
I’m hanging on.

Through each day it
keeps me away from where
I want to be and
almost to where
I want to go.

As I sway, its
grip strangles and
slices through skin,
muscle, every lig-a-
ment and nerve but
never to bone,
so as to give
me hope.

This thread is
mine and can never
break unless, of course, it
rubs against the coarse, rigid, scales of this
hardened chip
upon my shoulder.

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