The 5 Best Netflix Original Movies

… and some runners up

I love movies. All kinds. Action. Horror. Comedy. Movies are my escape. I’ve even written a few movies; the scripts are swimming around Hollywoodland. I could make lists of movies forever, but this one is all about Netflix originals. The best Netflix original movies according to me and in no particular order.

The Babysitter

I said no particular order, but this is the movie I watch over and over. I laugh every time. It’s a tightly written comedy, horror, action movie directed by McG, who is best known for the Charlie’s Angels movies.

The Fundamentals of Caring

It’s so funny and touching that it’s almost hard to watch. It’s not melodramatic. It’s not over the top. It’s just hilarious and poignant. Paul Rudd brings the laughs, as he always does.


It’s a little predictable, but the laughs are real and the acting is great. And the music is the best because it’s Dolly Parton all the way.

I Am Mother

This is one of those mind-blown kind of movies that messes with your perspective. You never know what’s real until the end, and even then, you don’t know what’s real.


Critics didn’t really like Bright, but they are often wrong. It’s an original premise in the magical realism sense. Will Smith is his usual funny self as he wrestles with a partner he doesn’t want and a situation he’d rather not be in. It’s fun to watch.

Runners Up

Netflix releases tons of movies, so here are some runners up that I’ve seen, according to me, and my opinions… :


The Christmas Chronicles

Game Over, Man


Triple Frontier


The Discovery


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